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What We Do?

Coast to Coast Collectibles is a sports memorabilia company that strives on distributing authentic memorabilia to sports fans all over the world. What started as a personal hobby over 30 years ago quickly turned into a passion that would grow into a business. We travel the country and world to obtain these unique collectibles, and always look for new memorabilia items to include on our site. As a collector myself, I take pride in delivering the best quality of memorabilia to collectors all over the world. As a company open to new features, we want to encourage each memorabilia collector to reach out to us via our email or any of our social media channels for products they'd like to see!


Why Coast to Coast? 

Coast to Coast Collectibles' 30 years of collecting has allowed us to separate from our competitors. As a mom and pops e-commerce store you don't have to worry about lacking customer service or deal with members of a team that lack the info and story behind your collectible. Also, you don't have to worry about where the item came from or how it was obtained. We have personally collected each item while visiting camps, signings, events, and more. As you'll read in "our story", we wanted to leave our mark on the memorabilia industry by pioneering "proof photos". Proof photos are simply a photo of the celebrity, athlete, coach, or team signing one of our collectibles to bring each sports fan into the moment. We also feel that it is right to purchase from a company that offers this in order for you to know your piece of memorabilia is 100% authentic! 


Our Story

As a collector myself, I wanted to separate my signed memorabilia and company from the others. I quickly realized the only thing better than purchasing these collectibles, is obtaining them yourselves. So I decided to do the next best thing, by capturing the moments these items are signed and provide "Proof Photo's" of the player/team/coach or celebrity signing one of our collectibles! Coast to Coast wants to provide story telling memorabilia that will enhance an industry plagued with fraudulent product and faulty morals. As a professional in the industry it saddens me that on a daily basis I am faced with tons of fake memorabilia on 3rd party channels and company sites. With Coast to Coast our love for not only the industry but our community as well pushes us to become the definition of what great, authentic memorabilia should be.

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