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Supercross and Motocross Memorabilia Drives Passion from the Fans - Coast to Coast Collectibles Memorabilia

Supercross and Motocross Memorabilia Drives Passion from the Fans

Supercross & Motocross Background

At Coast to Coast Collectibles we have a unique collection of over 400 Supercross and Motocross memorabilia pieces! What has been one of our new endeavors has turned out to be one of our favorite sports to attend signings and events. But before we get into our hand collected collection let's talk a little background and history about the sport. Best stated by Kumar Navneet, "Motocross and Supercross represent the biggest and most popular of all the racing events. Similarities exist but the two are quite different. Both racing series invite the top professional athletes in racing. Both series feature jumps, insane tight turns and a whole lot of dirt. The difference lies in how each course is created." So simply, Supercross is motorcycle racing that uses off road motorcycles on a track. Articles are consistent with suggesting the first Motorcross race held on a track was on August 28th, 1948 in Paris. These racing events began to blow up in the UVintage-Supercrossnited States during the 1960's. This led to the first professional Motorcross race being added to the 1971 "Beach Bike Week" schedule. As the sport continued to grow, the first points-paying Supercross race occurred in 1974 on March 8th. Since then there have been a more than 700 races of Monster Energy Supercross. (2018 stat) This great sport is now celebrated and watched worldwide where race attendants reach in the tens of thousands! As the popularity is growing at a fast pace here in the United States, there are already great fan bases in the rest of the world. Many of our memorabilia seekers are from places like Australia, Canada, France and more! 

Supercross & Motocross Memorabilia 

Our Supercross and Motocross memorabilia collection at Coast to Coast was not always filled with unique items from racing professionals. In fact, we didn't start collecting memorabilia and attending these events and races until early 2012! But immediately after attending our first event we were not only hooked on the sport itself, but the passionate fan based that followed. As collectors first and distributers second, we are approached by many fans when we are accumulating the  memorabilia. All of these fans tend to pour out in excitement of the memorabilia and theirSupercross-Memorabilia love of the rider themselves. As a company that can appreciate the passion in a sport, these fans drove us to rev up our memorabilia collection for those who have yet to have the chance to met their favorite riders. Don't get me wrong this is a business and we have to focus on profits, but I honestly get my thrill in the business from feedback received from a fan getting their item. All of our items in our collection are shipped with a certification of authenticity and our revolutionary add on, proof photos. As a collector before the jump into creating my memorabilia company, I asked myself what was missing in obtaining these unique itemCooper-Webb-Memorabilias? I wanted to provide a signature but also, I wanted to add a moment or story in time with the athlete or team you admired. This is where proof photos became the backbone to our company and what we want to create as an industry norm so that no fan ever buys memorabilia that is illegitimate. We want to be known as a transparent company as well who works with their community of collectors. So we wanted to encourage fans to comment about new products you'd like to see! Ask us questions and invite other racing fans to join the community of Coast to Coast Collectibles. Thank you for reading and we hope we can be of value for you and your very own memorabilia collection.






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