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About Us - Authentic Sports Memorabilia & Entertainment Memorabilia - Coast to Coast Collectibles Memorabilia

About Us - Authentic Sports Memorabilia & Entertainment Memorabilia

What We Do?

Coast to Coast Collectibles is a sports memorabilia company that strives on distributing authentic memorabilia to sports fans all over the world. What started as a personal hobby over 30 years ago quickly turned into a passion that would grow into a business. We travel the country and world to obtain these unique collectibles, and always look for new memorabilia items to include on our site. As a collector myself, I take pride in delivering the best quality of memorabilia to collectors all over the world. As a company open to new features, we want to encourage each memorabilia collector to reach out to us via our email or any of our social media channels for products they'd like to see!


Why Coast to Coast? 

Coast to Coast Collectibles' 30 years of collecting has allowed us to separate from our competitors. Growing from our early years as a mom and pops e-commerce store, you will never have to worry about lacking customer service or deal with members of a team that lack the info and story behind each of our collectibles. Also, you don't have to worry about where the item came from or how it was obtained. We have personally collected each item while visiting camps, signings, events, and more. As you'll read in "our story", we wanted to leave our mark on the memorabilia industry by pioneering "proof photos". Proof photos are simply a photo of the celebrity, athlete, coach, or team signing one of our collectibles to bring each sports fan into the moment. We also feel that it is right to purchase from a company that offers this in order for you to know your piece of memorabilia is 100% authentic! 


Our Story

Coast to Coast Collectibles was founded over 15 years ago as an idea which later became a commitment to distribute authentic entertainment and sports memorabilia to collectors worldwide. As a company that started on the passion of collecting memorabilia, (30+ years) we began to notice the need for more memorabilia in the entertainment and sports world. This was the deciding factor to become the new norm for what it is like to purchase a piece of memorabilia. We started impacting the industry by offering “proof photos” with all of our items, along with a certificate of authenticity. The “proof photos” are simply pictures of the person, player, or team signing our memorabilia collectibles. We now see many memorabilia companies and individual autograph collectors start to implement proof photos. We also ensure premium quality shipping to safeguard the item you have purchased. We want to continue to leave our mark on the memorabilia industry. Our goal is to continue to distribute top quality, authentic autographs while impacting the industry for the better.



Trying to see what price you could do on the Will Ferrell USC mini here, as opposed to purchasing it off eBay.

Thanks much!

Hi Dylan. Mike James here. Excuse me leaving a comment here but I could not find an email for you. I noticed that your loading speed of your web site was quite slow. Being shopify that should not be the case. When I checked it is your HOME page images. If you would like those optimized for you be happy to do that for you for free. Check me out on Linkedin or Google. Just trying to help you out.

Hi Alex, what’s your question?

Hi I have a question

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